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Snapchat: Snapchat is a picture based messaging application which allows individuals to communicate both via text and directly with pictures taken. Messages are only available for a set period of time and then disappear. 

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Instagram: Instagram is a subsidiary of Facebook. Individuals can upload pictures to their profile and tag friends or locations. Instagram also has various public accounts tailored specifically for content like sports, fashion, pets, etc. 

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TikTok: TikTok is a relatively new social media platform in which users upload videos of themselves. the TikTok app has various features which allow for fairly simple video editing allowing creators extreme versatility in the videos they create. Videos generally can range from 15 seconds - 1 minute

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Youtube: Youtube is one of the worlds largest video sharing websites. Utilized by  individuals of all ages it features content which ranges from "How-to" videos to live sporting events and compilations of all sorts. 

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Twitter: Twitter is a social media platform in which users create posts or "tweets". Posts may not exceed 280 characters but can often be filled with images or even videos. Twitter has expanded to become a platform where many go to get their news, or catch up on a breaking or developing story. 

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